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A small girl carefully decorating a cupcake using a piping bag and purple icing.

Unlock Your Child’s Culinary Creativity with Mini Chef Classes!

Fun 45-minute Sessions to Whip Up a Tasty Recipe!

  • Learn Basic Cooking Skills

  • Boost Confidence

  • Make New Friends

Discover the joy of cooking with our Mini Chef classes, led by Chef Ashley!

Designed for kids aged 3-6, these sessions offer a perfect blend of fun, learning, and hands-on experience in a real commercial kitchen.


  • Hands-On Learning: Dive into hands-in-dough fun in a safe, supervised environment.

  • Skill Building: From kitchen safety to ingredient measuring, watch your child grow into a mini chef.

  • Teamwork and Creativity: Cooking class instills patience, fosters teamwork, and sparks creativity, while also offering the opportunity to make new friends along the way!

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Class Schedule & Menus

Join our monthly 45-minute classes, limited to 8 budding chefs per session. Each class is just $40, with easy registration through PayPal or major credit/debit cards.

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Spaces fill up fast!
Secure your child's spot in our next Mini Chef class today.

Ready to stir up some fun? Click the 'Book Now' button below!

What Parents Are Saying: 
"C learned lots of kitchen safety from your classes. I remember being a nervous wreck that you taught her how to cook her own eggs after she cracked them all by herself at the age of two!!! Because of you, she loves to cook and wants to help me in the kitchen. You taught her safe knife skills too!"

-Leslie Parisio 

Ready to cook up some extra fun?
Whether it's a Girl Scout troop, a family gathering, a homeschool group, or a birthday bash, we've got the perfect class for you! Click the links below to find out more and book your private culinary adventure today!

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