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Ready to Learn the Foundations to Creating Stunning Cakes for Every Occasion?

Join our beginner-friendly classes and learn the essential foundations to the art of cake decorating! From fun gatherings to special events, learn to craft beautiful, delicious cakes with ease. Kids welcome!

  • All-Inclusive Pricing: Materials provided, no extra costs!

  • Professional Setting: Learn in a commercial kitchen.

  • Small Classes: Get personalized guidance.

  • Comprehensive Training: Cover all basics, from filling your piping bag to the perfect crumb coat.

Unlock Your Creativity With Cake Decorating 101

What You'll Learn:

  • Hands-On Experience: Step into the world of cake decorating with expert guidance. While you won't become a master in one session, you'll significantly enhance your skills and confidence.

  • Focused Learning: Each class is a single session dedicated to the basics of cake decorating. You'll decorate a 2-layer cake with buttercream icing, starting with a smooth crumb coat and moving on to basic piping techniques.

  • Personal Attention: With no more than 10 people per class, you'll receive personalized feedback and support from your instructor.

Skills Acquired:

  • Color Mixing: Learn how to blend different color icings in a single bowl for stunning effects.

  • Tool Mastery: Get hands-on experience with piping couplers, pastry bags, and various piping tips.

  • Cake Assembly: Master the techniques of stacking and icing a 2-layer cake, including the application of crumb and clean coats.

  • Piping Techniques: Practice basic piping skills to add artistic touches to your cakes.

Additional Perks:

  • All Supplies Included: We provide all necessary materials, including aprons and bottled water. Feel free to bring your own beverage if you prefer.

  • Individual Workstations: Each participant gets their own station, ensuring you have the space and resources to unleash your creativity.

  • Family-Friendly: Children aged 5-12 are welcome to join with an adult and their own ticket, while those 13 and up can attend solo.

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Create Sweet Memories: Cake Decorating with Chef Ashley

Ashley is such a joy to work with! So patient with any size/age group. We had a fantastic time, looking forward to our next session!


Class Details

Who's Invited:

Unleash your creativity and satisfy your sweet tooth in our Cake Decorating 101 class! This experience is perfect for:

Adults: New to the game or looking to hone your foundational skills? Join us for an engaging learning experience!
Kids (6-11 years): Welcome when accompanied by an adult. Must be able to participate independently in a two-hour class.
Junior Chefs (12+ years): Feel free to join the class on your own. Every participant needs a ticket.

Pick Your Date:

Choose the perfect day to start your cake decorating journey:
- January 28, 2024
- February 17, 2024
- March 17, 2024
- May 19, 2024
- August 18, 2024
- September 15, 2024
- October 6, 2024
- November 9, 2024


Each class runs from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.


$80 per person. And guess what? There are absolutely no processing fees or hidden charges!


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