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105-minute hands-on classes for teens aged 13-18 to master delicious, creative dishes in a professional kitchen.

Cook Up Creativity & Independence – Teen Culinary Classes!

  • Hands-On Instruction

  • Building Independence

  • Creative Exploration

Empower Your Teen: Master Cooking with Chef Ashley!

Boost your teens confidence, independence, and creativity through hands-on culinary training.

  • Hands-On Instruction: Your teen will actively participate in the cooking process, gaining practical skills inside a commercial kitchen under the guidance of Chef Ashley.

  • Build Independence: Equips your teen with the skills to cook confidently on their own, fostering self-reliance and decision-making in the kitchen.​

  • Creative Exploration: Encourages your teen to experiment with flavors and techniques, sparking creativity that extends beyond the kitchen.

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Empower Your Teens: Discover the Joy of Cooking and Family Time!

"Parents, sign your teens up for this class!!! Trust me, you won't regret it! We did a family cooking lesson with Ashley when my daughter was a young teen. It got her so excited about cooking that she insisted on making dinner once a week. It was great seeing her discover a new passion but the BEST part was me getting a break from cooking every night!"

-Christine Wilson

Class Schedule & Menus

Join us for our monthly 105-minute classes, limited to 8 teen chefs per session. Each class is just $75, with easy registration through PayPal or major credit/debit cards.

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Spaces fill up fast!
Secure your teen's spot in our next Teen Culinary Masters class today.

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