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About Back 2 Basics Cooking, LLC

Established in July of 2014, Back 2 Basics Cooking sprouted from a deeply personal journey. Our founder, Chef Ashley Nichols, discovered the transformative power of food while seeking relief from severe migraines. The simple act of eliminating dairy from her diet sparked a passion for understanding the intimate relationship between food and our bodies. This passion evolved into a mission: to help others rediscover the joys of cooking and the benefits of wholesome food.


Chef Ashley Nichols' lifelong love for cooking is at the heart of every class we offer. She believes in the power of homemade meals and is excited to share her knowledge, skills, and passion with you. Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned home cook, Chef Ashley's enthusiasm for cooking is contagious and will inspire you to explore new culinary horizons.


Back 2 Basics Cooking offers in-person cooking classes designed to level up your at-home culinary skills. We welcome participants of all ages and skill levels - from curious beginners to seasoned home cooks looking to learn new techniques and recipes. Our classes range from Mini Chef (ages 3-6) and Kids Culinary Cooking Club (ages 7-14), to Date Night, Cake Decorating 101, Sushi Party, and more. Each class is more than a lesson; it's a culinary experience.


Our classes take place inside a commercial kitchen, where participants get hands-on experience in a fun, relaxed environment. You'll have your own station (or share with one other person), and Chef Ashley Nichols is always around to answer questions and guide you through the process. We believe in learning at your own pace, so there's never any rush.

Our primary focus is on teaching you skills and techniques that you can take back to your own kitchen. And the proof is in the pudding - or rather, the texts we regularly receive from parents and adult students alike, sharing their latest culinary creations with pride and joy.


At Back 2 Basics Cooking, we're about more than just food. We're about community. Founder Ashley Nichols not only homeschools her children but is also an active contributor to local schools and fundraising events, recognizing their essential role in our community. We encourage you to reach out, ask questions, and join us for a class. Together, we can make cooking a joyous part of your daily life.


Contact Information for Ashley:
Call or Text: (573)268-2248

Image of a persons hands covered in flour one reaching for an egg and one suspended in the air and part of their body while is mostly clean with a black apron on in front of a kitchen work counter with a wooden cutting board and various foods such as tomatoes, garlic, uncooked spaghetti noodles, eggs, and a lemon scattered around the edges of the work station as well as measuring cups and flour. The colorful Back 2 Basics Cooking logo appears in the upper lefthand corner.
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