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Knife Skills 101

knife skills plate

Are you a beginner or intermediate-level cook looking to sharpen your knife skills? Join our Knife Skills 101 class, where you'll learn the art of wielding a chef's knife under the expert guidance of Chef Ashley.


This class is offered on Jan 21, 2024, April 7, 2024, or Sept 8, 2024 from 3-4 pm inside the commercial kitchen at Como Cooks facilitated by Back 2 Basics Cooking. Children aged 12 and up are welcome to attend with their own ticket.


About the Class

Your instructor, Chef Ashley, has been teaching cooking classes since 2014. With her extensive culinary background and a passion for teaching, she creates a comfortable and engaging learning environment for all students.


A chef's knife is one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen. As Chef Ashley can testify, once you understand how to use it correctly, it becomes an indispensable ally. Not only does it save you time, but it also eliminates the need for surplus kitchen gadgets, saving you money, time and space.

During this hands-on class, you will:


  • Learn the basics of knife skills including safety and terminology.

  • Get practical experience with a chef's knife including how to using a honing steel.

  • Learn a range of specific cuts: julienne, dice, bias cut, mince, and baton.

  • Understand the importance of good knife skills for everyday cooking

As Susan Schopflin, one of our previous students, noted: "Thank you! This was such a fun team-building experience!" With real-time feedback and small class sizes, our in-person instruction provides a unique learning opportunity that you can't get from online classes.


Pricing and Registration

The class costs $55 per person and includes everything you need. All materials and equipment are provided, and there are no hidden charges or processing fees. To register, simply click the 'book now' button below and follow the prompts. If the date you're interested in doesn't appear on the calendar, it means the class is sold out.

If you wish to book a private group of 4-8 people on another day, the cost is $50 per person. Contact Ashley for scheduling availability.

Don't pass up this amazing chance to level up your culinary skills! Reserve your spot today and get ready to chop, dice, julienne, and master more knife techniques like a pro! You won't want to miss it!

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