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Creative Salad Challenge

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Creative Salad Making Challenge: Culinary Fun for Kids at Back 2 Basics Cooking!

Prepare your little chefs for a tasty adventure! Chef Ashley invites kids aged 3-15 years to the exciting 'Creative Salad Making Challenge' at Back 2 Basics Cooking in Columbia, Missouri. This fun and educational event is designed to inspire a love for cooking and healthy eating among children. Plus, it's a great way for them to get a taste of our amazing cooking classes!


Here's How It Works:

Upon signing up, each participant will step into our commercial kitchen, transformed into a vibrant salad bar for the day! They'll choose from a variety of fresh ingredients, following certain rules – like picking one protein and up to two types of lettuce.


Next, they'll safely chop and plate their salad creations under Chef Ashley's guidance. We'll provide a short instruction on knife skills beforehand, and use kid-safe knives for our youngest chefs. Our older chefs will have the option to create their own dressing after a short instruction on how to.


After the salads are plated, Chef Ashley will snap a picture and post it on Facebook, along with a description provided by the young chef. Then, it's time for the votes to roll in!

Learning While Having Fun:

While the challenge is all about making a delicious salad, it also serves as a platform for your child to develop important skills. They'll learn to present their work attractively, enhancing their presentation skills. They'll also get familiar with various ingredients and utensils, thereby building their kitchen vocabulary. And as they create their own salad, they'll gain culinary confidence that will encourage them to explore more in the kitchen.


A Chance to Win and Learn More:

The salad with the most reactions and comments in each age group (3-6, 7-10, 11-15) after 1 week wins an amazing prize - a FREE cooking class! But that's not all - the winners also get to be the assistant chef for the day, helping Chef Ashley during the class. **In the event of a tie, voting will be extended by 24 hours until a winner may be declared.


Winners within the 3-6 age group can choose any available 2023 mini-chef class. Those in the 7-10 and 11-15 age groups can pick any available 2023 kids' culinary cooking club class.


All Set for the Challenge:

We provide all food, utensils, aprons, and everything else needed for the challenge. The entry fee is just $20. But hurry! We can only accept 10 kids per age group, so sign up now to secure a spot. 


To make this event accessible to all, we're offering one scholarship per age group, waiving the entry fee - just email Ashley at with the subject line "Salad Scholarship" to apply.


Join us for this unique opportunity to unleash your child's culinary creativity. It's going to be super fun, informative, and a delicious journey they won't forget!


Sign up today for the Creative Salad-Making Challenge. Let's create, plate, and celebrate together at Back 2 Basics Cooking!

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