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Where Stories and Flavors Intertwine

Discover the local chefs who bring passion to every dish while inspiring, teaching, and transforming.

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Meet the Masters of Flavor

Behind every great dish is a chef with a passion for food and a dedication to excellence. Our team of skilled chefs brings a wealth of culinary expertise and a personal touch to every class, ensuring you not only learn to cook but also have a memorable experience. Get to know each chef below and discover how they can help you master the art of cooking.


Meet Chef Ashley

Discover the Joy of Cooking

Since Launching Back 2 Basics Cooking in Columbia, Missouri in July 2014, Chef Ashley has transformed the culinary landscape by empowering people of all ages to explore their cooking potential. With a philosophy that marries fun with flexible, hands-on learning, Ashley's classes are more than just cooking lessons-they are adventures in creativity, confidence, and continuous improvement.

Ashley’s approach is tailored to meet the diverse needs and styles of her students, ensuring everyone from toddlers to corporate teams can find joy and value in the kitchen. Her commitment to demystifying cooking has nurtured a community where cooking is seen not just as a necessity, but as an enriching journey filled with discovery and laughter.

As we approach the 10th anniversary of Back 2 Basics Cooking, Ashley continues to challenge the fast-food norm by promoting a wholesome, joyful, and inclusive approach to cooking. Join her in celebrating the art of creating delicious meals and become part of a community that cherishes the simple pleasures of cooking.

Ready to start your culinary adventure?

Join a class today and experience the magic of cooking with Chef Ashley!




Where Art Meets Flavor

At TS Sweets, every dessert is a masterpiece! Pastry Chef Trish Siekmann, with over 20 years of experience in advanced cake decorating, fondant work, and sugar sculpting, brings unparalleled creativity and sophistication to your table.

Trained by renowned experts and a competitor on the national stage, Trish ensures that each creation from TS Sweets isn't just a treat—it's an unforgettable experience. From stunning custom cakes to aromatic cookies and intricate sugar sculptures, Trish's work is a celebration of art and flavor.

Whether you're planning a special event or looking to impress with exquisite desserts, Pastry Chef Trish is your go-to for exceptional baked goods that delight and inspire. Join her upcoming classes to learn the secrets of her craft and transform your baking skills.

Book a class with Pastry Chef Trish today and turn your culinary visions into reality!




Southern Comfort

Scott Pass, founder of The Biscuit Center, is a master of Southern comfort food, specializing in transforming simple ingredients into extraordinary biscuit creations. With roots in North Carolina and a prominent presence in Missouri's local food scene, Scott's journey reflects his passion for authentic Southern baking.

Join Scott for a hands-on biscuit-making class where you'll learn more than just recipes. While he keeps his signature honey butter and unique flavors under wraps, he offers invaluable lessons in creativity and technique.

Students will master the essentials of biscuit making, from achieving the perfect flaky texture to experimenting with innovative fillings.

More than just a baking class, Scott's sessions are an immersion into a philosophy where each ingredient has a story and every biscuit is a masterpiece. He emphasizes the importance of handcrafting everything from scratch, instilling pride and a sense of accomplishment.

Book a class with Scott and be inspired to find your niche in the culinary world, turning your baking dreams into reality!



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