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Love Cooking? Elevate Your Culinary Skills at Any Age- Classes for 3 & Up!

Discover the Joy of Cooking with Classes Tailored for Toddlers through Adults!

  • Explore Culinary Skills Hands-On

  • Boost Your Cooking Confidence

  • Join Our Foodie Community

An 8-year-old boy focused on grating cheese, with his mother holding the grater, observing, and smiling.
In a commercial kitchen, a smiling young girl around 9 years old wears a red chef hat and apron matching with her friends in the background doing the same..

Gain Confidence in the Kitchen: Fun Hands-On Cooking Classes

Are you tired of cooking alone?

Imagine the kitchen as a place of laughter and teamwork, not just the sound of your solo chopping. Think about the last time you wanted to cook something special but felt overwhelmed by the complexity. It doesn't have to be that way.

Join our cooking classes and transform the kitchen not a hub of creativity and connection. Each class is a new opportunity to not only enhance our culinary skills but also to make lasting memories with fellow food lovers. Let us help you turn every meal into a celebration of good food and great company.

Explore Our Cooking Classes

Discover Your Ideal Cooking Class – From Beginners to Advanced, Kids to Adults

Kids Classes (Ages 3 and Up):

Fun and friendly cooking classes designed to inspire young chefs. Watch your little ones enjoy making simple and delicious dishes in a safe, encouraging environment."

Adult Classes (Adults Only): 

Explore our exclusive adult-only classes, tailored for various interests and skill levels. From team-building workshops to intimate cooking date nights and upcoming chocolate making demos, our classes offer a professional and relaxed environment in a commercial kitchen to enhance your culinary skills. Perfect for couples, friends, and individual enthusiasts looking to dive deeper into the culinary arts.

Workshops (For Couples, Friends, and Families):
Join our engaging cooking workshops, perfect for couples, friends, and families. Dive into the fun of cooking together, mastering new skills, and creating delicious dishes. These sessions are ideal for groups looking to enhance their culinary experience in a lively, supportive environment.

Skills Building Classes: 

Advance your culinary prowess with our skills-building classes. Suitable for adults, and kids 6-12  can join with an adult. Teens 13 and up can attend solo. Perfect your cake decorating, sushi making, knife skills, and more.

Unparalleled Variety and Inclusivity

Dive into an unmatched array of cooking classes catering to all ages and interests, unlike anything offered by our competitors. From young beginners to seasoned chefs, our commercial kitchen becomes a canvas for culinary creativity. Our broad spectrum of classes, led by new local chefs with roots in local food businesses, ensures there’s always something new and exciting on the menu, setting us apart from traditional team-building events and classes.

Intimate, Hands-on Learning Experience

Experience the warmth of small-class cooking in a professional commercial kitchen, ensuring personalized attention and a deeper learning experience. Our in-person sessions provide a tangible, hands-on approach to culinary education, making each class a memorable journey from the kitchen to the table. This intimate setting fosters a stronger connection between participants and instructors, allowing for immediate feedback and tailored guidance.

Customized Culinary Adventures

Unleash your creativity in our personalized cooking classes. Ideal for private groups seeking a distinctive bonding experience, our classes can be customized to suit various themes, dietary requirements, or age groups—from as young as three years old. Whether it’s a family reunion, a corporate team-building activity, or a special occasion, we tailor our classes to accommodate your unique needs and preferences, ensuring each culinary journey is truly exceptional.

Three adult women wearing cooking aprons in a commercial kitchen, smiling, and facing the camera..
5 yellow stars

Terra Davis

"We had a team building cooking class today for work and I would highly recommend this class.It was very interactive and we all had such a great time." 
-Compass Health 


Ellen H.

"100% recommend Chef Ashley and Back 2 Basics Cooking! She worked with me to put on a surprise birthday party for my daughter's 30th birthday. We had guests from ages 8 to almost 60 and all skill levels in the kitchen. She made everyone comfortable and made the party so much fun for everyone! Chef Ashley collaborated with me to develop the menu and was very accessible when I had questions. Just really a great experience! I think everyone learned something and I know everyone had fun!"

shay and Dave bread.jpg

Shay Ochoa

"Chef Ashley helped me to beat my anxiety in the kitchen and taught me the basic skills in a fun way. Her courses feel more like a fun night out than a class. And, I left full each evening!
My husband watched me do my first round of classes and asked if he could join for the second. We’re looking forward to six more weeks of classes now."


Explore Culinary Worlds: Key Highlights of Our Classes

✔️ Wide variety of culinary classes catering to all ages and skill levels
✔️ Hands-on learning in a professional commercial kitchen
✔️ Small class sizes for personalized attention and guidance
✔️ Courses led by experienced chefs with local food business backgrounds
✔️ Exclusive sessions with guest chefs offering unique culinary perspectives
✔️ Customizable classes tailored to private groups or special events
✔️ Classes available for children as young as three years old
✔️ Inclusive options for different dietary needs and preferences (vegan, gluten-free, etc.)
✔️ Interactive, in-person learning experiences
✔️ Focus on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients
✔️ Introduction to global cuisines and cooking techniques
✔️ Special themed classes for holidays and seasonal cooking

Enhance Your Culinary Journey: More Reasons to Join Us

✔️ Team-building cooking sessions for corporate groups
✔️ Family-friendly classes designed for parent-child participation
✔️ Advanced workshops for more experienced cooks and food enthusiasts
✔️ Opportunities to learn about food presentation and plating
✔️ Access to professional cooking equipment and tools
✔️ Recipes and instructional materials provided for home cooking success
✔️ Support and advice available post-class via text, phone, or email
✔️ Gift certificates available for special occasions and celebrations
✔️ Special rates for group bookings and early sign-ups
✔️ Regularly updated class schedules to include new and trending cuisines
✔️ Safe and hygienic learning environment following the latest health protocols
✔️ Engaging and fun atmosphere that fosters creativity and passion for cooking

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