"I can't recommend Back 2 Basics Cooking enough! We had such a wonderful time at Pia's party and all of her little guests did as well. It's a fun way to get your kids involved in the kitchen too! And Ashley (the owner) is wonderful with the kids. Highly recommend!!"
-Lysnie Steinley, Mother




"Everybody in our class had fun. Not only did we cook, but we also played games to tie into the theme. Definitely would do this again!"
-Crystal Hochsteltler, Maid of Honor
"Back 2 Basics Cooking makes healthy cooking enjoyable and less intimidating. Ashley makes it so fun and really gets you excited to get in the kitchen."    - Lawren Tritschler, Patient      Service Representative 
"It was so fun and laid back!" -Nicki Murff, Student 
"Good, fun, nice enviorment/ hosts."  -Joseph Goedecke, Student
"I have really talked this class up to others & highly recommed it. I like the small class size & the 1 on 1 attention. All 3 of our boys have a lot of fun."
-Tara Wehmeyer, Manager of Programs
"The workshop is afforable, a lot of fun and very comfortable! It is great coming home with food and recipes. I made the Honey Mustard Chicken in the oven tonight. It is quite tasty."
-Sherry Lococo, Teacher
"Ashley is very imformative & thorough. Easy to ask her questions." - Angie Butts, General Manager 
"We had a lot of fun and made some great meals. I liked the ease of the whole process the most."
-Dawn Taylor, Mother
"So we made the pulled pork yesterday in the crock pot and it was very yummy. Kids loved it!!" - Dorthy Henggeler, Administrative Assistant, Residential Specialist 
"This was so fun! Preparing meals is much better with good company! -Karla Washington, Assitant Professor
"This was wondergul! Two weeks worth of heathy meals prepared in a few hours time with NO cleanup! Can't wait to sign up for another. -Michelle Oliver, Librarian

"Great fun and oh so useful! Many tricks. Just had Apple Cherry Pork Loin from our class yesterday-hard not to eat it all myself-AMAZING!" -Debbie Oliver, MU Professor
"After taking several meal prep classes (including a private freezer meal prep class), I can honestly say that every recipe has been GREAT! Plus I've learned several helpful tips that I use when cooking at home. Thank you for making it easy to feed my family healthy, real food even when my week gets busy!" -Jessica Tappana, Social Worker