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All meals are Paleo friendly and free from gluten, dairy, soy, corn, other grains, peanuts, refined sugars and food dyes!

All of our beef is grass-fed and all of our pork is pastured. Both are locally sourced!

All of our chicken and turkey have never had antibiotics or hormones and are GMO free!


All of our seafood is wild-caught!

We only use high quality oils like avocado and coconut!


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The menu changes monthly.  See the current order form here.

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Lunch Pack

Just $95/Month*

Pick your choice of 10 single cooked lunches and get a bonus dessert! 

Save $13+

*Plus Sales Tax

Singles Pack

Just $200/Month*

Pick your choice of 8 half meals*, 6 single cooked lunches and get a bonus dessert! 

Save $60+

*You may sub up to 2 half meals for a whole meal if you want a crock pot meal as these only come in whole sizes.

Plus Sales Tax

Family Pack

Just $300/Month*

Pick your choice of 10 full freezer meals (4 servings each) and one bonus dessert! 

Save $108+

*Plus Sales Tax

Mega Pack

Just $700/Month*

Pick your choice of 20 full freezer meals (4 servings each), 10 single, cooked meals, two bonus desserts and receive one free delivery! 

Save $227+

*Plus Sales Tax


Pickup Hours:

Curbside or Delivery Only By Appointment During The COVID-19 Outbreak

All packages may be paused or canceled at anytime as long as you do not have a current order placed. 

To place an order:

1) Sign up for a package option below. 
2) Go to this form to order.

3)Follow the prompts. Be sure to choose the appropriate number of meals for your package and list any dietary restrictions in the appropriate place.


December 2020 orders must be placed by midnight on November 27, 2020.

Order will be ready for a FREE delivery inside Columbia on December 14-16, 2020. 


Text or call Ashley at (573)268-2248 with any questions!