Are you planning a bachelorette party, but don't want to do the same old thing?!?


No Problem! Just book a cooking bachelorette party. It can be the main attraction or just used to start your fun-filled evening off right!


We will work as a group to cook up a meal to help the bride to be with her cooking skills! We will incorporate inappropriate games (to your liking) that will make us all laugh, making this much more than a simple "cooking class". Everyone will sit down and enjoy the meal and take home the recipes for later use. Food allergies can easily be accommodated. 



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What Others Are Saying


"Thanks Ashley. We had an amazing day and you most definitely helped! The girls were talking about how much fun they had learning new recipes and the wonderful food that we made all week! I can tell you absolutely put your heart into what you cook and it shows. I will definitely be recommending your classes to others! I really appreciate everything!"

-Pam Horine, Maid of Honor


"Everybody in our class had fun. Not only did we cook, but we also played games to tie into the theme. Definitely would do this again!"- Crystal Hochstetler, Maid of Honor


"Had a lot of fun and kept us all laughing!"       -Stephanie Davis


"It was very fun and interactive. We all stayed busy and had a lot of fun!" -Shayla Cox


"It was low key, fun, simple & delicious."

-Rachel Adcock


"The cooking bachelorette party is awesome!"
-Kristin Parkinson, Bride To Be


"It was fun! Now I can make more than just Mac N' Cheese!"

- Jamileh Abdal-Kader, Bride To Be





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